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Original value "Love" (Cards of Destiny Madame Endor)

Cards of Destiny Madame Endor - Love - value

LABEL ON THE card: True love and devotion.

Golden Heart - symbol of true love. card represents honesty, devotion, long attachment Union and incitement. You reach the desired, if it is the will of your heart.

Symbols cards:

Cupid (Eros ancient Greek. Ἔρως, as Eros, Cupid, Cupid by the Romans) — the god of love in Greek mythology, bezotluchno satellite and assistant of Aphrodite, the embodiment of loving desire to ensure the survival of life on Earth.
Eros — World deity connecting gods in married couples was considered a product of Chaos (the dark night) and bright day, or Heaven and Earth. He dominated both over external nature, and above the moral world of gods and men, manipulating their heart and will. In relation to the phenomena of nature he is a beneficent god of spring, fertilizing the ground and calling into being a new life. He was represented by a beautiful boy with wings in the more ancient time — with a flower and a lyre, and later with love arrows or flaming torch.

Value Card:

card of love, friendship, affection, reciprocity. The card, which advises you to listen to your heart and trust your feelings. card discoveries and achievements. You – on the verge of discovering the secrets, you just have to let it open, and believe it will happen.
card, which advises to avoid conflicts and to solve all amicably, talk and actions. The card, which encourages trust yourself and your feelings, and on the basis of ngih make a decision and start acting.
Remember who is important and what is really important in your life. Listen to what your heart says and act as it advises.
Love is different, this card is ambiguous: the love of parents and boyfriend, the love of grandparents and the dog, the love of coffee and chocolate or snow... much different love around us, and at the same time it is one – love.

Word expressed this card

: understanding, unity, love, value, reciprocity, openness, friendliness, emotion, trust, affection, conversation, dialogue, a sense of integrity, unity.