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Original value "Earth" (Cards of Destiny Madame Endor)

Cards of Destiny Madame Endor - Earth - value

LABEL ON THE card: Use logic, reason and common sense.

is an element of logic and reason, represents the passive forces of nature. Ground effect can be seen in those who are well founded, organized and reliable. Signs of the Zodiac, which are controlled by the Earth - Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo. Be practical and rely on common sense.

Symbols cards:

The card shows the sign of the earth element and listed 3 star sign, which belong to the earth element: Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo.

The value of the card:

card Earth – a card of the mind, logical thinking, analysis, and decision-confident, informed decisions. Land – a fundamental principle from which everything begins and ends as all the land. If the earth to awaken – she will share all that she has: wealth, power, life, perhaps. And will save the Earth will help, but only to the extent that you need. The earth does not love greed and haste, for it punishes them by giving a person more than he can carry, and forgetting about such a man. If the earth decides to punish – she did not hear any requests or calls for help, it will be punished for the dead and indifferent. Land – This equalizer. For her, the greatness of man indifferent and insignificant insects. For her, both – a living part of it and it will take care of the same needs and the first and second. Referring to the ground do not put yourself above others, she did not appreciate. Land – It is slow, slow pace, understanding that everything has its time and do not rush things. All it happens, it will happen, when it is necessary to happen. To wake up the earth – Warm her, send her some of his power, of his love and attention and get back far more than the distance. Want to thank the earth – plant a seed and it will take your thanks. Earth is patient, but punishes quickly. Nothing can stop the earthquake, and if the land decided to punish, it is guided by the principle of "I gave birth to you, I'll kill you." Earth - the female element. This makes it its fertility, leleene all that therein is. These properties led many civilizations worship it as the creator of all life, Mother Earth.
Earth controls the north, because there is always cold and dark. Its color - green color of plants and fields, its season - winter. It governs magic stones, trees, nodes and paintings.

Word expressed this card:

prosperity, success, good luck, wealth, wisdom, slowly, the harvest, all the time, height, knowledge, tolerance, peace, understanding, analysis, judgment, belief, experience.