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Original value "Knight" (Cards of Destiny Madame Endor)

Cards of Destiny Madame Endor - Knight - value

LABEL ON THE card: The victory over the vicissitudes of life.


Knight — is the master, the Logos, the rider (which is the meaning of the French word "chevalier", a knight), that is the spirit, which is taken over impulses and passions — "Riding a horse in the saddle directs it wherever he wants" ("Lancelot"). Chivalry is the path of the highest order, which helps the transformation of an ordinary man (without a horse) in the spiritual man, to manage their horse.
Knight defended, his face is not visible. The horse knight rises on its hind legs, and the knight strikes. Who is the enemy knight? We did not see the enemy may be different. But Knight firm in his faith, he knows what is good and what is bad, and where enemies where friends. And the battle is not the case when the time should be spent on calls.

The value of the card:

Knight – The card is valid. No time to waste them talking, it is time for decisive action. But the action of the knight is not spontaneous, it is planned. Knight protected, Knight is aware that he is a war. And if there is no protection, it may be injured or killed. Therefore Knight – this plan before the fight it was planned and calculated. Knight – this is not the sole job is to work in a team. Look for companions, who can share your aspirations and help you. The shield Knight – crown, he vassal subordinate. Above it there is a dominant structure – King. In-kind Knight – Pawn is run by the king. King makes a decision, and this decision represents a knight in action. If it is necessary to do the knight, tells how the letter of the law and the word – he will do so, regardless of the circumstances and without feeling remorse or mercy. Knight – This punishing sword, he will prosecute or punish until his path does not end with death.
Knight – Defender poor, offended and all other disadvantaged. It is not necessary in the presence of a knight to offend the ladies, Knight immediately stand up for their honor, but the lady standing in the presence of a knight called a witch and he will ignite the fire of the fire underneath.
Knight forgiving only in its morality, everything that goes beyond – beyond the scope of the law, and therefore must be punished. Knight hardy and patient, quietly accept the hardships of life and is willing to give his life for a just cause. If
knight falls in a relationship, you should not wait for the rapid development of relations. He was gallant and sing serenades, until it receives the consent of a beautiful lady, and then leave that way five years.. dragons and infidels to beat after his ladylove. So beautiful relationship, but the wedding is still very far.

Word expressed this card:

Travel, travel, road, job loyalty, purpose above all, the protection, well-thought plan , team, teamwork, activity, action, here and now, patience, endurance, self-restraint to achieve the goal, the result.