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Original value "King" (Cards of Destiny Madame Endor)

Cards of Destiny Madame Endor - King - value
Power and diplomacy. King represented the ancient Egyptian faraonom.Ne know how reasonable disassemble every available wall symbol of this card. I propose to focus on making the main figure. With the value of wall signs can be found here What is the Pharaoh or another other rulers? This is the power (but not always physical), power is often a strong material foundation, responsibility, diplomacy. But often, it is the power of envy and enemies, intrigues, murder. The history of Ancient Egypt is vividly. What is the throne, and his acquisition. Authorities in Egypt passed through inheritance more often. So it's appropriate to talk about the succession as such, and to raise the financial status (often with the help of relatives), as well as to strengthen its credibility. In the hands of Pharaoh, we see the ankh symbol of eternal life and the afterlife. Also in hand the baton of command. On the throne depicted the scarab beetle, sacred ancient Egypt to help to go to the light and salvation in the afterlife.