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Original value "Key" (Cards of Destiny Madame Endor)

Cards of Destiny Madame Endor - Key - value

LABEL ON THE card: Locked doors can now be opened.

You have the ability to solve the current problem or circumvent any obstacle. Locked doors can now be opened. The key - as a symbol of trust and responsibility. Do not abuse the trust that others have for you.

Symbols cards:

Axial symbol includes all the power and the ability to open and close, bind and loose. Key also means liberation, knowledge, secrets, initiation. It is closely linked with the symbolism of Janus - the god of binding and release, the inventor of the locks and the god of initiation. Janus holds keys of authority, opening and closing, as well as the key to the door that gives access to the gods and the people, to the doors of the winter and summer solstice. Silver and gold keys represent, respectively, the temporal and spiritual power, and smaller great secret, earthly and heavenly paradise. In alchemy keys mean force to open and close, the dissolution and collapse. The Celts keys to the bullpen - attribute Epona, the keepers of horses. In Christianity, the keys - the emblem of St. Peter, guards the gate of heaven, as well as an attribute of the Pope. In Santa Marta has a bunch of keys. In Greco-Roman mythology clues - an attribute of Hecate, guardian of the underworld, and Persephone, and Cybele (see. Janus). The Jews keys God raised the dead, and mean birth and blessed rain. The Japanese are three keys on the barns - is love, wealth and happiness. At Mitra are keyed authorities.

Value Card:

key – Card capabilities. Doors open to the desired, you – at the peak of success. All you have to – is to open and take. All the cards in your hand, you are now – master of the situation and how the situation will unfold depends on you. But do not delay long, and you can change the locks. And so you were waiting for the same fate will give you a chance. Key – this is your chance, now he is in your hand, wield!
But it is also a key responsibility. The key is do not trust just anyone, and if something happens, something is lost from the safe, the key to which you have in your hand – first you find yourself under attack, under suspicion, because you also had the opportunity, and you – We do not keep. And then he turns the key sentence, the prosecution.

Word expressed this card

: luck, opportunity, a good time for beginnings, success, leadership, reward, getting the desired, acceptance, popularity.