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Original value "Jellyfish" (Cards of Destiny Madame Endor)

Cards of Destiny Madame Endor - Jellyfish - value

LABEL ON THE card: Jealousy leads to collapse.

Medusa represents all negative aspects of envy, jealousy and violence.


youngest daughter Fork and Keto (according to the daughter of Gorgon [3]). Only the death of the Gorgons.
According to, she was a girl with beautiful hair and wanted to compete in beauty with Athena. She was raped by Poseidon in the temple of Athena, and Athena turned her hair into a hydra [4]. Poseidon seduced her turned into a bird [5].
Yeah, well, so-so story.. Once there was pretty proud, decided to challenge the gods with its beauty, and it turned out well, not really. Personal tragedy greatly changed the nature of the Gorgon and now former beauty embodies hatred, lust murder, envy, jealousy and other bad vices.

The value of the card:

is when negative emotions take up . Decisions are made not only on emotions and envy. Suppose I have a cow dies, if a neighbor or two. The pleasure of trouble others, jealousy destroys everything. So strong negative influx that turns everything into stone. Whether on the relationship between people, business partners, any form of relationship.
Another card says about fear, intense fear, when there is no strength to look truth in the eye, when there is no power to change that reflects a mirror, so hide all the mirrors. But you can overcome your fear just by looking at him, and for this you need a mirror. The mirror reflected the fear itself and the one who is experiencing. Time to recognize what does not want to recognize. Otherwise, continue to have to pretend that all is well and smile.
card nightmares and confusion, inability to do anything because of the confluence of a stupor, all the processes are stopped.
card violence. You thought it possible to touch himself, but instead you grabbed you like adrenaline? Now he is and what's going on you can not afford to stop now relax and endure until the end of all that is involved as inappropriate flirting.. who?

Word expressed this card:

hatred, jealousy, anger, revenge, retribution, punishment, irrespective of the degree of guilt, the reluctance to admit the truth, the inability to change the situation, the gap partnerships or other relationships without recovery, nightmares, hallucinations, delusions, mental disorders, anxiety, phobias.