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Original value "Intuition" (Cards of Destiny Madame Endor)

Cards of Destiny Madame Endor - Intuition - value

LABEL ON THE card: Bright and new prospects are on the horizon.


Beautiful girl standing on a background of the moon and She is holding a butterfly. Her dress fluttering, and the wings still. She looks at a butterfly, crouched in her hand. Finally, she had the opportunity to be alone, stay with itself, to deal with their thoughts, to dream, to gain strength during the full moon.

The value of the card:

This is a card of flight, inspiration, dreams, hopes, a new life. card strength and mystery card. Carat is dedicated to a man that is going on in his soul. His hopes and expectations. card of softness and smoothness, there is no sharp turns and actions. Everything is in motion and at the same time, all is quiet. Here you can stop and think, take a break from the everyday world and talk to myself on the souls. This card
sleep and card strength. The full moon is enough to send power back on track, to see the way that goes down among the stars and enter the path of magic. The full moon witch gaining strength and beauty, bathing in the moonlight. Fly on the Sabbath. This card can mean traveling to the mountains, altitude, flight time outdoors.
Allow yourself to relax and dream, usnite and see a happy dream, and suddenly he would be prophetic?
card intuition, foresight and knowledge. Trust yourself, your inner voice, decision-making, do not hesitate to get support of forces in their endeavors.

Word expressed this card:

peace, spirituality, peace, power, loneliness, reflection , dreams, intuition, flight, air, sleep, another way, credibility, restoring mental and physical strength.