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Original value "Hourglass" (Cards of Destiny Madame Endor)

Cards of Destiny Madame Endor - Hourglass - value

LABEL ON THE card: The time considerably.

As the sands of time running away, it reminds us that time is precious and important. There is no need to hesitate. Take the initiative and act before it is too late.

Symbols cards:

symbolizes time, transience, fast run time, elapsed time, death. Two compartments hourglass represent the cyclic change of life and death. Heaven and Earth. Rolling in the sand means pull down the lower nature. Hourglass - attribute Reaper, Death, Father Time, who, appearing in the form of a skeleton, holding them with a sickle. In Christian art allegory of Temperance sometimes holds an hourglass. Is a symbol of inversion.
Hourglass symbol of God Chronos time, ubiquitous, penetrating everywhere, and no one eludes power over all, supreme judge, a skilled healer. According to one of the descriptions chaos spawned the oldest, which was in our conceiving the universe — Time. The Greeks called him Chronos. And now everything was done in time, as more space infancy. Chronos spawned three elements — Fire, Air and Water. But this is after the Earth appeared [.

The value of the card:

card time. Time is important, it should hurry up because otherwise the opportunity that was given to you – It will be missed. Pour sand silenced quiet rustle of running time and everything stops. As long as someone does not come up and does not overturn the clock will give a new opportunity and give time for visible again will count grains of sand. What is lost, which passed – Now is not the time to think about it, time to move forward until pours sand, while you can.
time of contemplation and reflection have passed, and still is, now is not the time to stand, the time to act. Do you want – take and do you think is right – Say, do not be afraid. The worst thing today – watch out not to do, then you will not regret that I did, but that did not.
card indicates the active position, at a time here and now.

Word expressed this card:

The time required to comply with the terms and timing, active action, realization of the decision, the need to consider the facts of the time – it is important.