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Original value "Harlequin" (Cards of Destiny Madame Endor)

Cards of Destiny Madame Endor - Harlequin - value

LABEL ON THE card: The true feelings hidden.

mask duality laughter through tears, a mockery of the pride and the pride of the senses – now breaks through the mask? A person or a mask? Ridicule or pain, laughter or crying? Who are you mask? The same pawn I or whoever plays me, allowing you to feel the leading?


Harlequin (ital. Arlecchino, fr. Arlequin) — the character of the Italian commedia dell'arte, the second Zanni; most popular mask of Italian street theater. It represents the north (or Venice) Quartet masks, along with Brighella (first Zanni), Pantalone and the Doctor.
Behavior: Harlequin cheerful and naive, not smart, is not clever, not as resourceful as Brighella, because you access to stupidity but following this sentence takes with a smile. He is lazy and looking for every opportunity to shirk work and take a nap, he glutton and a womanizer, but polite and modest. And if Brighella admired his agility, the Harlequin should cause sympathy for him ridiculous odds and childish sorrows.
The card shows the blank mask. Whose is it? Who she is waiting for? Having played a role, or it is only willing to play and waiting for the one whose face is so familiar to us, but the familiar mask. The mask's eyes are open. Eyes – a mirror of the soul, the eyes can learn a lot, if not everything, but only here do we want it? Should I open a secret tearing the mask?

Value Card:

card games. Start of the game or the end, and maybe staged in full swing? Should look to nearby cards. The very appearance of masks in the scenario suggests that the situation with a double bottom. All is not as it seems. The situation there is not taken into account the factors and they are important. Knowing they can radically change your attitude and to the situation and your role in it. The mask indicates the intimacy of the situation, the need to solve the problem quietly, behind the scenes, in secret, without introducing the people. Do not endure dirty linen in public, without involving outsiders. If you got involved in the game – play. The worst thing that can happen – If you pluck the mask, then you will be to blame for everything, even what not to do. Move. Harlequin is light and agile, he is famous for its acrobatic. Play and do not be silent, MAT pause - not role of Harlequin. Fooled and distract the audience, then she will not notice your interest and just a lot of blemish that notice.

Word expressed this card:

hidden factors, the game, the ignorance of the situation, all is not as it seems, the effect carefully and secretly, under cover of darkness, insincerity, emotion and passion, good luck, wisdom, simplicity, arrogance, rudeness, under the guise of action, manipulating others, the constant movement, change of scenery, the ability to reach out to people, silence, keep secret, intimate, quiet resolve.