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Original value "Hand of Fate" (Cards of Destiny Madame Endor)

Cards of Destiny Madame Endor - Hand of Fate - value

LABEL ON THE card: The interference beyond the control of your forces.

Hand of Fate in mysterious ways affects you. Forces beyond your understanding interfere with your current situation, and the fate offers you a new opportunity. Justice prevails.

Symbols cards:

"The lines are inscribed on a human hand for a reason; they come from the divine influence and own human personality." Aristotle
history of palmistry was different: in the XVII century it was taught in Germany at the Universities of Leipzig and Halle, but at the same time in England was outlawed as a form of witchcraft. At your fingertips thousands of nerve ends, which are in direct contact with
your brain, and thus the nerves is a constant two-way traffic of impulses. Due to the movement line and mark on your hands, it is believed to be a reflection of your personality, mirror your physical and emotional state. Palmists always known intuitively; modern scientists find evidence for the theory, and some geneticists and psychiatrists are already using analysis of hands to help make a diagnosis of various physical and mental diseases.
Astrology is closely related to palmistry. For example, each finger on the hand in Palmistry not only has the name of a particular planet, but to manage it.
Fleshy formation at the base of the fingers of each hand called hills or mounds and are called the Mount of Mercury, Sun, Saturn, Jupiter and Venus.
There are also a form of hands: "Earth" (wide palm with a small number of lines); "Air" (elongated fingers, narrow line); "Fire" (short hand with a small number of lines); "Water" (thin, soft brush with shallow lines).

The value of the card:

card predestination and inevitability. There will be something that will happen. The card, which the Council reconcile and not to fight in an unnecessary hysteria. Everything has its good and bad faces. And as it is now was not bad – then it will be good, and vice versa. As long as you only think the question – fate has already written an answer.
But this does not mean that we should accept the answer. You can change everything, even that which is necessary for destiny. Question – should I? But there is one opportunity.
Think about what forces influence on your life. After all, to change the destiny, sometimes simply change the balance of power in it.

Word expressed this card

: rock, doom, a foregone conclusion, karma, that can not change a person , challenge destiny, what is necessary on the fate.