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Original value "Griffin" (Cards of Destiny Madame Endor)

Cards of Destiny Madame Endor - Griffin - value

LABEL ON THE card: The honor and good luck.

Griffin represents the honor and good fortune. The high ideals and high expectations are indicative and typical of this animal. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Symbols cards:

Griffins — mythical winged creature with the body of a lion, an eagle or a lion head. They have sharp claws and white and golden wings. It was believed that they come from India, where they guarded vast treasure of gold.
These mystical creatures symbolize power over heaven and earth, strength, alertness and arrogance. Griffin also became the attribute of the goddess of retribution — Nemesis: it is often portrayed in a chariot drawn by griffins.
Griffin — negeraldicheskaya frequent figure in the arms. It symbolizes power, power, alertness, speed and strength. Male version of a griffin (Eng. Male griffin) portrayed wingless and with bunches of red spikes (denoting sunlight), sometimes with horns or tusks. In heraldry there is an image of the sea griffin (Eng. Sea-griffin), a bond Armiger water. Such a griffin and kiwi have a fish tail instead of the lion's body.
Griffin depicts the emblem of the Romanov family.

Value Card:

card principles and rules, secret, security communities . Man putting rules above all else. card of accuracy and fairness. Everything will be done as it should be, but the letter of the law and the words – no retreat. card of power of the ruling elite. What you see is – only the tip of the iceberg, the bulk of the – hidden under water.
Addressing within the legal framework or the force of law of the strongest. Protecting the weak. The word which was given – you must fulfill. Beware of sharp words and unjust accusations, unproven facts, you have to defend your honor, if the facts prove to be false. But the enemy can demand a duel on his rule. Honor above life.
Explicit action in conspiracy theories. Respecting the principles and rules of the community you will become equal among the first, and the first among equals.

Word expressed this card:

power, power issues, does not compromise on legality, the decision in court, the rules, chet, conscience, fair wages, responsible for his words, the need to fulfill the promises.