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Original value "Green Man" (Cards of Destiny Madame Endor)

Cards of Destiny Madame Endor - Green Man - value

LABEL ON THE card: The forces of nature help you.

Green Man - the guardian of the forest, he represents the nature and slowness. All in good time. Be careful to notice much. Only attentive to fly can find traces of the beast, and that will lead to the production of, and will save from danger. Be polite and they'll tell you the same.


who the green man? Green Man called Silvan (almost the same as that of the Pan) in the Basilica of St Denis (France) and Oceanus (god of the sea and the satyr) in Mundanije (Istanbul). Accordingly, many researchers began to look for clues of the image in the myths, legends and religions. The parallels were made with Cernunnos one, "Green George", "Jack-in-the-Green," Pak (or a bunch of Scandinavians, the Irish - Puka), Robin nice guy, Peter Pan, even Pere Noel. Father Christmas presents in the early images entwined with ivy, which was asked to treat it as such a forest spirit. So is not whether our Christmas tree tribute green person giving the harvest, fertility and the health of plants and trees, forests, meadows and fields? Maybe everything is connected more than meets the eye?

The value of the card:

card indicates slowness, slowly. Everything has to happen in due time. Do not move the situation actively. If you put an apple to ripen in the fall, it will ripen in autumn. This is a card of abundance, fertility, generosity. But mutual generosity. First, you need something to invest, to get more in return. If you want a rich harvest, the first field, sow seeds and get ten times as much. But without your grain will not spike. This is the time of active growth, rapid development. Green Man in the scenario speaks about diversity, the ability to accept diversity, to enjoy colors, and change colors. To be able to notice a small, open to him a lot. Green man can communicate both with people and with the spirits, for it opened the road to other worlds. He watches over its territory. Ask and get what you want. Look closely and you will be surprised at the discovery. Green man dances during the celebration of the first day in May (still known as Beltane) at the festival in Edinburgh.
Beltreyn – this time the fire, a time of love, time, passion, rich and generous time a holiday, when the sun and the fire and the cold winter win finally.

Word expressed this card:

generosity, help, support, ask for help, a good time, time to start a new business, slowly, all the time, travel, vacation, spring, brightness, laughter, joy, love, attentiveness, notice what others do not see, forgive help from the spirits.