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Original value "Gates" (Cards of Destiny Madame Endor)

Cards of Destiny Madame Endor - Gates - value

LABEL ON THE card: Barrier shuts you off target.

Symbols cards:

Gates — symbol of the border between their, development space and a stranger outside world. As an element of material culture and ritual gates are especially significant in the tradition of Eastern and Western Slavs, for whom the gates, and window sills, as well as mirrors are not just household items, and the end or the beginning of the road and not necessarily in yavem world was that way.
Opening-Closing Gate symbolizes the act of contact with the outside world. Gates — dangerous place, will not know which way to bring you to the gate and they will open in front of you on the way back. Gates — the object of reverence and protection. Vladimirskie peasants were hung on the gate (as in barns, in the pit) image; in the morning, leaving the house, they prayed for the church at first, then at the sun, and then at the gate and on all four sides. Sretensky attached to the gate or wedding candles, stuck in their teeth harrows or hung scythe, and stopped in the slot Gate thorny plants — by witches. On the Epiphany on the Gate traced crosses for protection from evil forces. Especially guarded gates and thus the house on days when evil forces intensified. In Polesie eve of Ivan Kupala in the gap Gate and stopped nettles to witch climbed into the yard; Serbia at the gate hung a wreath, woven on St. Peter's Day, and with the appearance of hail clouds shot him and waved them, driving hail.

Value Card:

card depicts the closed gates . If you have the key, you are a welcome host you and be happy to miss. And if there is no key – an obstacle in front of you. The sign that is retreat or become a thief. Gates can be overcome in different ways: open, break, climb, fly, made to disappear and so on. Which way will you choose? Look at the card nearby that they advise you? To go further in search of the key? Retreat and look the other way, and can climb? Maybe luck will accompany you and you get what you want and without a key, but beware if you get caught – and it will be treated not as a guest but as a thief. And all your good intentions will turn into a threat to the owners.
Gate transparent, they are delicate, you can see what awaits you when you get inside, you know what to strive for. And if you really want – before you open any doors.
Gates – a symbol of the end of one phase and the completion of another. Gates – This challenge is a test and pass it can not any.
Or maybe you are inside, not outside the gates, and behind them? So you locked up, and you are not there on their own, even if gilded cage. For other people's gates have to play by someone else's rules.

Word expressed this card:

obstacle test, the need to get things done, closed institutions, stiffness, tightness in the circumstances, the determination to do anything to goals, the need to decide according to the situation and your abilities.