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Original value "Fire" (Cards of Destiny Madame Endor)

Cards of Destiny Madame Endor - Fire - value

LABEL ON THE card: Reckless actions lead to conflict.

is an element of action and energy, and is destructive forces of nature. Fire is manifested in those who are passionate and aggressive. Signs of the Zodiac, which are controlled by fire - Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. A small spark can cause a large fire.

Symbols cards:

The card shows a sign of fire element and listed 3 star sign that belong to the element of Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius.

The value of the card:

Card Fire – card of emotions, passions, heat, flame, heat, fever and purification. Soft fire, the fire of love gives life warm feelings, saves, gives birth to a new and warm. Tough, fierce fire – destroying everything in its path, cleans, takes all nanostnoe and simulated. Fire Card emotions and the stronger the intensity of emotions, the tighter turns fire. The card indicates the emotional person next to positive fire cards – is the emergence of feelings, location, attention, interest, playfulness. Next to the negative fire cards shows the need for cleaning, for wrong decisions taken under the influence of strong emotions, burning bridges. The nature of fire exists only in the form of heat, sunlight, which warms and awakens the land slopes volcanic heat or hot water flow. When the fire rages – no barriers for him and pity. Dance open fire – mesmerizing and does not adequately assess the situation and the threat and make the right decision. But like all fury, a fury of fire is also finite. The fire dies down, when there is nothing to burn, the volcano calms down, when the fury subsides in its crater, and only then we can estimate the scale of the disaster. After the fire
person received cleansing, as the fire eliminates people, feelings, attitudes of masks, lies, showing that there really is. Directed and controlled the fire gives life, heals, it awakens something that was not strong enough. Fire courageous. It controls the south, because there just is warmer, its season - summer, color - red.
Fire controls the magic candles.

Word expressed this card:

emotions, feelings decisions on emotions, strength, passion, passion, action, enlightenment, healing, help is at hand, the beginning of a new, origin, development, hatred, burning bridges, the desire to take revenge and punish any price.