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Original value "Dragon" (Cards of Destiny Madame Endor)

Cards of Destiny Madame Endor - Dragon - value

LABEL ON THE card: The strength and wisdom.

Dragon – wisdom, strength, knowledge, protection, wealth, hard to beat, and a worthy reward for her.

Symbols cards:

Dragon - the ambivalent character. In the West, the dragon is generally refers to the forces of evil, while in the east – the forces of good.
dragon embodies the primal power. It is associated with vigilance: the dragon often – treasurer (such as the Golden Fleece or the golden apples), access to secret knowledge, the guardian of the underworld, or oracle. It is believed that the dragon – the personification of a strong ruler, extending their possessions by the sword. In particular, this reptile symbolizing royal power. As monsters, dragons - autochthonous "lords of the earth", which has to fight the heroes, conquerors and creators to capture or reclaim land. In the Greco-Roman culture is an attribute of Hercules, winner of monsters. Sometimes depict dragons harnessed to the chariot of Ceres. The Egyptians dragon is the emblem of Osiris, god of the dead. His Apophis, the dragon of darkness and chaos, throws every morning Sun-God Ra. As the embodiment of fear dragon was a popular emblem of the soldiers portrayed in the Parthian and Roman Standart.
In Christianity, a dragon (as well as snakes – their symbolism interchangeable) personifies the forces of evil. He – symbol of sin of blasphemy, confusion and disbelief, the moral evil and primitive promiscuity. It is a death, darkness and pagan heresy. Sometimes, however, the dragon could personify the Logos, the animating spirit or omnipotent deity pleroma (fullness).
In addition, the Jews dragon - the inhabitant of the desert, and a symbol of neglect. In the Sumerian-Semitic mythology it — "Adversary", the power of evil.
The myths of creation, he is represented as a primitive state before the establishment. The hedonistic cultures and religions Red Dragon – It is considered to be a force for good, an ally and defender of man and society. In zhizneotritsayuschih religions Dragon – a symbol of evil.
It is a symbol of the internal forces, hidden in the subconscious. It also symbolizes the energy underlying nature. Thus, the dragon has inner and outer form. The dragon symbolizes the struggle of opposites. Dragon – it is a universal symbol of the true and unlimited vitality. In some cultures, the dragon is an absolute good, some absolute evil. Sometimes the dragon is depicted masculine, sometimes feminine. In its original form the dragon neither good nor bad, neither male nor female image.

The value of the card:

dragon symbolizes a force that stands behind this card. This may be a person who holds a high position, the head, and can be simply masterful and strong, authoritative and best-in-question. When the card falls
Dragon – It is to abandon their traditional way of thinking. Habitually – this spear and greedy dragon stealing girls and guarding a huge treasure. Just like these with a spear – a lot, but the result – little. Dragon – it is the power and intelligence, is that we need to understand, and to do – I think, not harder to shake. At loss cards dragon questions the power to decide at all not worth – incinerate, dragon stronger person. You – not interested in the dragon, he was not looking for you, he does not need you, you need a dragon or something from the fact that there is a dragon. So think about how you can get what you want. How to interest the dragon? The Magic Dragon – it is a source of strength and knowledge.
Dragon knows and knows a lot, but does little, not because he can not, but because he does not understand "why?". He is lazy, conducted in flattery and loves all the gold, brilliant – it is his hobby. This applies both to the material world, and the words, deeds, triumph, honor, success. But this dragon is secretive, canny, with their plans.
Dragon does not bind itself external liabilities is not considered a necessity, and other conventions, he just does what he wants. He was indifferent attitude of society to it, if this ratio is negative, but it will take delight for granted, it will be nice to him. Inclined to shocking, but shocking – always thought out and planned. Not kupites the apparent frivolity and thoughtlessness actions, everything goes wrong dragon. You will be able to fit into the plan of the Dragon – on his tail to arrive well-being, will stand across the Plan – He will not even notice or come crossed and go further.

Word expressed this card:

strength, wisdom, knowledge, high office, authoritarianism, authority, to follow their own interests, the test followed by obtaining the desired, power, leadership, antique, state, wealth, collector, gathering, secrecy, his plan to follow their own interests.