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Original value "Dagger" (Cards of Destiny Madame Endor)

Cards of Destiny Madame Endor - Dagger - value

LABEL ON THE card: The conflict lies the danger is waiting for you to come.

dagger - a symbol of the dangers of conflict, disaster, loss, physical harm. Rely on a guard. Beware of the stab in the back.

Symbolism card:

Dagger (Arab. خنجر ‎ & lrm ;, Khanjar sm.handzhar, presumably from Caen - blood and fire - smack, rip open) — edged weapon with a short (40 cm) straight or curved blade, sharpened on one or two sides.
According GOST № 51500-99 — Dagger — contact, bladed, piercing-cutting weapon with a short or medium straight or curved double-edged sword [1].
most often used knife for close combat, but there are varieties with a weighted dagger blade, designed for throwing.
On dagger located ruby and two lion heads with open mouths. Ruby symbol of power and symbol of the blood. Lions fearless and ready to attack or protection?

The value of the card:

card symbolizes the power, the right to possess, a right that has been proven and has been won. Dagger – it is a goal to achieve is the owner of a dagger ready to go at all. Earlier dagger often smeared with poison, if the victim did not die from the attempt stab wound, he dies from the poison. Dagger weapon of revenge and dishonesty, they killed secretly in the back. If you got into serious games and are ready to go all the way lagging behind its interests – Think about the protection. Open confrontation with those who are stronger – not always the way to the top. If you stand face to face with the enemy back to back should be with a friend who will give you put a knife in the back.
Like all other cards treasure knife is treated with the help of nearby cards. In whose hands the dagger? To punish or protect it? Belongs to you by right of blood, because you're right, equitable and inheritance or was obtained through the blood, death and betrayal?
Dagger – card of surprise, a sudden illness, sudden circumstances, sudden decisions or impulse.
Be cautious but resolute. The longer the fixed goal, the easier it is to get hired into it. Look for someone who will cover you from the blow, will help to overcome obstacles. And do not provoke the fate of the game with you – and so you are on a knife edge.

Word expressed this card:

caution, prudence, determination, surprise, action, speed, death, blood, power struggle, the strongest will survive, it is necessary Union trust needed to resolve the situation, affirming the right, sharpness.