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Original value "Cup" (Cards of Destiny Madame Endor)

Cards of Destiny Madame Endor - Cup - value

LABEL ON THE card: Rejuvenation and implementation.

Gold chasha- symbol of rejuvenation, performance and fertility. The bowl can also be the end of the case or the goal.

Symbolism card:

inverse image of cup – holy grail.
Holy Grail (starofr. Graal, GrĂ¢l, Sangreal, Sankgreal, Lat. Gradalis) — in medieval and Celtic legends Norman is one of the instruments of the Passion — chalice from which Jesus ate the Last Supper and in which Joseph of Arimathea collected the blood from the wounds of the crucified Savior.
Ispivshy of the Holy Grail receives forgiveness of sins, eternal life, and so on.. In some versions even close contemplation gives immortality and various benefits in the form of food, drink and so on. n. The words "Holy Grail" is often used figuratively to mean a cherished goal, often unattainable or elusive.

Value Card:

Bowl – it is a tool. What poured in a thicket? Poison or wine? What shall it or dare to cure? What gives you a hand holding out a bowl?
Bowl – a symbol of trust, trust thou so to those who handed you a cup to drink from it? A split one bowl for two?
Presenting bowl glass of the guest host asked a guest to take home and share it, promising to guest safety under his own roof.
Young drank from the same cup, indicating that they are now not two, but one whole.
When fraternization – We are drinking from the same cup, indicating that from now on the fate of one for two, your whole – my and my – yours.
Bowl – a symbol of unity. But the cup depends on the surrounding cards. If the next card drops negative, such as a snake, then be afraid of a cup – poison therein. And nothing good will come of it. Instead of holiday – It is sorrow, instead of wedding – funeral.
If there are positive with a bowl card – boldly take the cup, you will succeed, you will win, and with a decent premium.
as the resulting cards – Bowl is also a positive card, symbolizing the success of endeavor, a clear success, the rapid victory celebration.
Bowl – it is also a symbol of emotions, emotionality, activity, and violent temper.

Word expressed this card:

success, luck, win, win, treachery, poison, poisoning, alcoholism, violence, emotion, ardor, passion, recognition, satisfaction, the explosion of passion.