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Original value "Chimera" (Cards of Destiny Madame Endor)

Cards of Destiny Madame Endor - Chimera - value

LABEL ON THE card: Your mind and only the approval of imagination.

Chimera represents an unlikely blend or clash of ideas. Your goal is unrealistic. Your thoughts and statements just a game of imagination.


Chimera (ancient Greek. Χίμαιρα, «goat») — In Greek mythology, a monster with the head and neck of a lion, body of a goat, the tail in videzmei; offspring of Typhon and Echidna. In a figurative sense — unfounded, an impossible idea.
nursed her likiets Amisodar. The first mention of Chimera is the sixth song "Iliad" in which it is written that it was of divine origin — in front of a lion, body of a goat, the tail of a snake; it spewed from the mouth of the fire.
lion head, a goat's belly and tail of the snake — this is the most natural description of it contained in Homer, but the "Theogony" Hesiod ascribes her three heads, and so it is represented in the famous bronze statue of Arezzo, dating from the V century. In the middle of the ridge her goat's head on one end of the snake, on the other — lion. Whether it's a monster of three heads on one body.
Chimeras are also called "... animals or plants, the different cells that contain genetically heterogeneous material, unlike conventional organisms in which each cell contains the same set of genes. Chimeras are special cases of mosaicism. Arises as a result of mutations, recombinations, violations of cell division.

Value Card:

Chimera – think of something that is not really. Chimera's not, but it does exist, it was invented, but if you make people believe in a chimera – it will acquire shape, and density of the material becomes. Chimera is a kind of utopian idea, that is created from different pieces and sewn like a patchwork quilt. Nevertheless, there are geniuses or fanatics whose chimeras come alive.
Chimera – is the use of unverified information, rumors, pulling the ears of the facts, fit within the definition of the situation and the division killed bear skins.
Chimera – it fears that are unfounded and surreal.
But be careful, as it was not illusory chimera – the harm it can bring very real, and unless you've never suffered from gossip and other people invented tales?

Word expressed this card:

gossip, empty talk, daydreaming, and fit the facts words to the situation, taken out of context, fears, illusory, illusory, empty dreams, unrealistic goals, erroneous understanding of the situation.