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Original value "Barrier" (Cards of Destiny Madame Endor)

Cards of Destiny Madame Endor - Barrier - value

LABEL ON THE card: The fate of the blocks you this way.

inscription on the card I would have translated it as "a Baba Yaga against it!". Fate conceived kavrzu you arrange and adjust trouble where it did not expect.


card depicts fairy who is holding something. What is it? The ball, which you can see why you should not go on this way? Or the fate that fairy ready to change, if you will be arrogance and aggressiveness?
Main feature fairies considered unusually resentment; It notes the continuing willingness of fairies and thank the person for the service. However, the gifts of the fairies did not deserve the trust to be treated: a so-called "gold fairies" those looked only at the time of presentation to; very soon it turned into leaves, ginger cake crumbs and so. n. Yes, the gifts of the fairies is not credible when asking them gold. They do not understand addiction fairy people to this metal, that are punished particularly greedy. And if you ask for something else?

The value of the card:

emergence of obstacles from scratch. That is, theoretically, you knew it was a bottleneck, but hoped to slip. Slip did not happen. Fate against. But there is always a choice. With fairy can negotiate obstacles and leave. Fairy creatures funny, sympathetic, but to them it is necessary to work hard to please. Deceive the fairies no sense, they distinguish lies from truth than words. Fate rarely speaks unequivocal "no", it always offers a choice. You want to play with fate? Begin negotiations with the fairy, there – turn. The strength and the pressure will only worsen the situation. Loss of this card – This sudden stop, changing the situation. Yesterday's plan is no longer relevant, the situation has changed, and we must begin a new, or first.
card warning – you are moving the wrong way, or does not take a decision. Stay as long as there is an opportunity to roll the other way, make another decision. If you offend the fairy – She revenge usually ruin and/or diseases. And congestion will remain in place and avenging Fairy nearby. That's what people themselves can bring.

Word expressed this card:

Stop, obstruction, stagnation, a sharp change in the situation, tricks of enemies, not destiny, the need to demonstrate the non-standard attitude to the situation, choose another path, decide otherwise, prevention, illness, loss, threats.