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Original value "Air" (Cards of Destiny Madame Endor)

Cards of Destiny Madame Endor - Air - value

LABEL ON THE card: Look for the union of mind and spirit.

is an element of mind and spirit and represents the invisible forces of nature. Air show independence in those steadfast heart and freedom. However, at the same dreamy, indecision and forgetful in nature can also be attributed to the influence of air. Signs of the Zodiac, which are controlled by air - Aquarius, Gemini and Libra. Look for guidance in spiritual and ethereal realms.

Symbols cards:

The card shows a sign of the element of air and listed 3 star sign, which belong to the elements of air scales, twins, Aquarius.

The value of the card:

Air – a sign of the mind, spirit, enthusiasm, animation and spirituality. This card urges us to seek the answer where it is necessary to think. Do not act, you can not be late, but we need to think and decide, without being distracted by other issues and problems. Decide what is important and decide. Air - the male element, dry, short-tempered and active. This element helps to talk, think and learn. Air controls the east, because this side of dawn and wisdom. Its color - yellow, the color of the sun at dawn, and his time of year - spring. Air controls the magic of the four winds, predictions and visualization. Also, this card can mean a person who is born under one of the signs of the zodiac, the control elements of air. Air - a symbol behind which are freedom and fellowship.
Air is constant, but variable, it is easy and encourages all interested in their activity and mobility, but as soon as the air gets boring – enthusiasm flies and the case remains unfinished. Air Rage – This tornado that crushes everything in its path, a hurricane, which led him to pursue a single purpose and do not notice what is happening around.
Air – This empathy and understanding, is the one who will always understand you and sincerely sympathize, will go to and take part. But do not bother the air, he does not like and do not appreciate the persistence of suffering. The air is light and playful, forcing him to order – challenge. If the card of air drops close to unfavorable cards – Beware of air, he speaks of deceit, duplicity, deceit, playing feelings just because he was bored.

Word expressed this card:

activity variability, support, assistance, sincerity knowledge, insight, support more than action, spontaneity, following their own desires, freedom, violation of rules and prohibitions, the scope and the lack of taboos, ease of solutions to achieve the desired shortest route.