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Original value "Woman" (Lenormand Oracle)

Lenormand Oracle - Woman - value

Total value:

The mistress. Changes. card - "blank." card questioner young girl or woman. If you are wondering man card woman is his beloved bride, wife or mother or daughter. It may mean a friend, relative, co-worker, a sincere friend, a powerful ally. In any case - it is a very close person. In other cases, the approach is of major life changes. card Woman symbolizes Yin - feminine, passive principle in the soul, instincts and weaknesses. When the two "forms" men and women are far from each other, it means weakening or lack of communication between them.

Jobs, business affairs:

Change. It wanted to take illogical and non-standard solutions, go to the agreements, compromises and concessions. May indicate a significant role in some women.

Health samochustvie:

card symbolizes fertility system and women's diseases.

Diseases - for women with sexual problems of the sphere and the genitals for men - in violation of the hormonal system.

Relationships questions about love:

You are his weakness. As a caring mother forgives her beloved playful child. Obsessive guardianship for him is self-assertion. He thinks only of you, your loved one in the heart of a woman. card may indicate that a relationship starts to interfere with a certain woman: a mother or a rival.

personality characteristics:

Family woman has good intuition.


rely more on intuition and instinct . Two things a real man wants: danger and play. That's why he needs a woman - as the most dangerous toys.