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Original value "Tree" (Lenormand Oracle)

Lenormand Oracle - Tree - value

Total value:

Health. Vitality, opportunity. Health, internal resources and potential. This card depicts the tree of life - a symbol of health, happiness and existence of a craving for self-improvement. Your maturity and wisdom of life, wisdom allow you to stand firmly and steadily on the ground.

If the adverse environment cards, card tree can give advice to avoid congestion, stress and take steps to healing the body.

Jobs, business affairs:

The successful conduct of business you are standing firmly on his feet and there is no apparent reason for concern. Do you have the strength and opportunities for implementation of plans and desires.

The card can talk about family business, help from relatives in the conduct of affairs.

Health samochustvie:

excellent health. card shows good immunity and the body's ability to cope with any illness. A speedy recovery for the ailing.

Relationships questions about love:

Strong relationships, a strong love. Feeling your vote is so strong that you can be sure - this man will never let you leave in difficulties. Fruitful relationship will lead to the creation of a strong and solid family.

Maybe also mean a true friend.

personality characteristics:

positive, reliable person who follows his principles and traditions. Man formed, having a clear idea about the life and deeds.

Regarding the professional membership can mean a businessman, boss man pertaining to horticulture or forestry.


As the tree is not the STI, and it is, anyway, is growing up. You, as a strong tree with strong roots, boldly drew on his rich life experience.