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Original value "Tower" (Lenormand Oracle)

Lenormand Oracle - Tower - value

Total value:

The result. The purpose in life. Life Path. Navel of the earth. Lighthouse salvation. card Tower symbolizes the result of a case, many years of work, or even a lifetime.

The symbol of stability, strength, stability, progress status and true happiness. Isolated from the world space, the Tower symbolizes the stronghold of the spirit, philosophical thought. This card is generally predicted good health, longevity and happiness. In an environment of unfavorable card is the inverse of the lack of a stable ground, the unsuccessful completion of cases, the disease and the lack of power.

Jobs, business affairs:

Stable, Solid business. card Tower is a strong position, well-being, a stable income.

Health samochustvie:

The stable state of health, longevity. At the stage of the disease - the desire of the body in recovery.

Relationships questions about love:

For your favorite essential stability in the relationship. The card shows a strong and robust relationship without any feelings and emotions that are based on mutual love and common interests. The strength of mind and material well-being - the guarantors of your relationship. And in your face, he found just the person with whom you want to live life, to give its warmth and love.

personality characteristics:

As someone - anyone - someone who is responsible, watching controlling people.

The tower shaped in relation to the state of mind may be a man, consumed by loneliness devastated emotionally or spiritually centered and self-contained, a person who is choking internally and with the deepening of consciousness, gets bogged down in the problems, not seeing more end to them, who wove around himself a web, not knowing is now
how to escape from it, a prisoner of its own trap.


The height of the tower can be recognized by its shadows, the man - on gossip. Climb the top of the tower, but look to dizzy.