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Original value "Sun" (Lenormand Oracle)

Lenormand Oracle - Sun - value

Total value:

Good luck. Happiness. Fate. Problem solving. A positive outcome. card Sun symbolizes the principle of stability, power of individual action, the energy of life and the higher powers of the universe. The period of good luck, wish fulfillment, satisfaction and well-being. It may also mean the help that you will have, health and optimism. One of the best cards. Near the adverse cards mitigates their negative value, and said that success or help will come, but later.

Jobs, business affairs:

The success and a steady income. Creative growth, self-realization, inspiration. The prosperity of the company, progress in career. Achievements and success in everything: fame, winning, triumph, wealth, recognition and recovery of strength.

Health samochustvie:

Vision, the eye. Fever. In studying the prospects of treatment SUN it is always extremely favorable card. It points to the good health and a successful recovery. Sometimes it refers to bioenergy healing.

Relationships questions about love:

Luck. Happiness. Passionate love. Sincere and warm feelings. For your lover your relationship - it is serious and mature feelings without selfishness and deceit. In your face, he found a soul mate. The sun is the source of light and heat, the personification of happiness and kindness.

personality characteristics:

Mainly bright, bright-eyed and blond-haired man, tall and handsome.

indicates a positive upbeat, busy people with a sunny disposition, a great-looking.


Take inspiration and go to be creative. The sun will rise and the morning comes.