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Original value "Stork" (Lenormand Oracle)

Lenormand Oracle - Stork - value

Total value:

Change. Happiness. Motherland. Loyalty to principles. Adherence to traditions. The process of self-purification. He can bring good news on the wings symbolize important changes in their lives. It may mean moving to a new apartment, airfare, important changes in the life and destiny, meeting up with old friends or relatives. For a woman next to the card Child - the possibility of pregnancy. card Stork near the adverse cards predicts possible changes for the worse.

Jobs, business affairs:

Stork migrating birds returning to its nest every year, it symbolizes the cyclical changes in the creative process and fertility I love everything new and progressive. Successful trips, long trips, lucrative trade, successful business with foreign partners.

Health samochustvie:

Next to the card asking Storks symbolize important changes in your life for a woman - a symbol of the birth of the child.

Speaking of changes in the state of health for the better. Sometimes it can give advice to change the situation, plan a vacation, vacation.

Relationships questions about love:

Change inner convictions. Happiness in love. Your favorite there was a revaluation of values, he realized how much needs you. His love broke out with new force, there was a desire to take relations to a new level. There are pleasant surprises from your beloved, happy life changes, and possibly the birth of a child.

personality characteristics:

The card is a person between 35 and 50 years old, educated, gentle, kind, dynamic, sociable and nice related feelings, committed family. This card can also refer to a lady of the heart: delicate, soft, loving.

Slim, Defined - normal figure, rather dark brown hair. Follow fashion. The card represents the maternal exposure.

Family people are very responsible, loving. Aisty- people with very restless disposition, constantly in motion, and very active, sometimes nervous and hardly calm down, but it is likely not in a negative sense, because the mentality of these people is very balanced. The flexible character that can quickly adjust to the new situation, do not get stuck at a standstill.

Externally, these people are very responsive and willing to help.


All will be well. Do not look like the storks fly away, look like coming.