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Original value "Star" (Lenormand Oracle)

Lenormand Oracle - Star - value

Total value:

The objectives in life. Achievements. Inspiration. Kosmos. The laws of the universe, the universe, spiritual aspirations. Happy Card, which symbolizes hope, the performance plans, the future success of the band and successful results. Although the card stars in general, positive, close to unfavorable cards, it can herald a repetition of unpleasant events, a series of setbacks, mistakes, failures matches. card warns of "star diseaseĀ».

Jobs, business affairs:

Your ambitious plans - under a lucky star. Goals must correspond to the capabilities, while all projects have a good future, you expect new developments, discoveries, distant profit and revenue.

Health samochustvie:

Physiotherapy. Treatment with magnetic fields. Good health, the presence of the disease - a successful treatment and recovery.

Relationships questions about love:

sublime feeling. Strong mutual love. Your young man pronounced a dreamer. He dreams of a romantic relationship, much you love and full of hope for your reciprocal feelings.

personality characteristics:

The man displayed to the Stars may belong to the world of art, fashion, theater or cinema; it can be kind of sensitive and enthusiastic astrology; he has a good, sincere, balanced, honest, charismatic and courageous character.

Rather large, strong, open character and compelling blue eyes. Basically light, but, of course, in most cases, it is concerning. A man who loves the truth.

There is the possibility of implementation, thirst for activity, basically have very positive attitudes for the most part optimistic. Purposefully
achieve their plans and intentions.

The man expressed card Stars, may belong to the world of art, fashion and circuses. It can also be sensitive and may get involved in astrology; he has a good character, sincere, balanced, honest and courageous, this charismatic, gifted from above.

Next to the face cards Stars indicate that the person is engaged in the esoteric, even if there is Zmeya- astrology with Knigoy- cards.


Starlight pierces the darkness. Do not grab the stars from the sky, make plans and move towards a dream.