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Original value "Snake" (Lenormand Oracle)

Lenormand Oracle - Snake - value

Total value:

Deception. Betrayal. Snake - is the enemy, foe, traitor, against which we must be careful. This prevents the card. The snake, even if it is surrounded by favorable card warns of danger, albeit distant, but very real. There is reason to think about what people surround you now.

Jobs, business affairs:

The snake symbolizes the betrayal, enemies, a secret enemy who is ready to attack at any moment.

Do not share with others information about their activities, plans, success, financial condition.

Health samochustvie:

In matters of treatment and recovery - this card can be regarded as favorable as the snake is a symbol of medicine and pharmacy.

Relationships questions about love:

With regard to the appearance of love and relationships this card speaks of increasing sexual energy. This can be interpreted in different situations like:

1) Good value: relationships built on sexual potential partners, partners fully fit and match each other.
2) Fair value: There is a reason for concern, maybe your fears are not unfounded close infidelity, especially when lying next to the card represents a rival in love.

personality characteristics:

Depending on the situation - it is It may be a hidden enemy, and a wise man. It is necessary to study the nearby cards to the exact answer.


Get wisdom, stay closer to the ground, do not protrude. If you hold the hand of Nora - think about the snake.