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Original value "Ship" (Lenormand Oracle)

Lenormand Oracle - Ship - value

Total value:

All kinds of travel, travel, travel.

Advent Cards Ship in the scenario portends a change, the fight against the prevailing obsolete foundations, moving forward.

The final value of this card becomes in conjunction with neighboring cards. Combined with the negative card (Coffin, mountain, cross, clouds) can mean impending misfortune.

Jobs, business affairs:

Success in business related to international trade. Often, this card can indicate the need for a business trip or on the fact that cooperation with foreign companions - the best option for business development.

Health samochustvie:

The card represents the circulatory system. When the lack of a number of negative cards - reported that the health of change for the better.

However, in combination with cards Coffin, Scythe or cross - can mean death.

Relationships questions about love:

It may be referred to as a romantic getaway with a loved one, and "resort novel, "means nothing familiar in the way.

personality characteristics:

The card represents the active male principle, if we interpret it as personality characteristics - before you strong-willed man, a born leader, a man who is accustomed to taking responsibility himself and is not afraid to make decisions.


indeed expand their horizons: strive to learn about this world anymore. travel, read, communicate with interesting people.