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Original value "Ring" (Lenormand Oracle)

Lenormand Oracle - Ring - value

Total value:

Marriage. Agreement. Dedication. Trust and mutual sympathy. Responsible, long-term relationship in which it will be necessary to undertake any commitments. The ring is a symbol of creativity, giving meaning to the whole environment. Symbol of peace, sun, hope, and happiness, eternity, faith and belonging to some community. Next to the book - a secret deal or alliance, the Sun next to the card - a very happy marriage.

Jobs, business affairs:

lucrative contract. Cooperation. card Ring may mean the conclusion of any agreement, commitment. If there is a number of unfavorable cards, the successful partnerships. It takes the responsibility and seriousness.

Health samochustvie:

The whole card is favorable, and subject to medical prescriptions, and the chosen method of treatment - the disease will pass quickly.

Kidney disease. Chronic disease. Circulation. Cycles.

Relationships questions about love:

Durable marriage. Intimate wedding. Declaration of love, marriage proposal. Your lover's strong love and affection. Establishing a close and strong relations in the family life. Or just arising feeling of love and the beginning of a serious novel.

personality characteristics:

The man, who can be recognized by the always elegant mind, or the one who attaches great importance to social origin. A wealthy, married, married. The ring is the contact person in a reliable and consistent partnership that is thinking about the close relations and in most cases, willingly associate themselves.


Love ring, and the ring at the beginning and there is no end. Do not ever go around, keep your word and promises.