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Original value "Rider" (Lenormand Oracle)

Lenormand Oracle - Rider - value

Total value:

Event: news, writing, an important message. Depending on the card is removed from the card of Gad - it could be a message from a friend or loved one, or a message from a stranger or from afar. Basically card predicts good news, however, if the neighboring negative card, this may be the sad news.

Also, this card can mean a new beginning, a new business that will bring success.

Jobs, business affairs:

telephone calls, Internet communications, new important information, small patrols, travel, local travel. Communication with foreign countries, business or cultural ties.

Health samochustvie:

Regarding health, the card indicates the rider's head and face. The various systems of the body: circulatory system, the nervous system. In general health condition is good, but there is the risk of respiratory disease. transmitted by airborne droplets.

Relationships questions about love:

In matters of love and relationships - the card says that you are interested in has the important news for you, or wants to see you.

personality characteristics:

The Postman, courier, messenger, a man who will bring the news.


Tip: Would the horse and rider there. Take the reins in their hands, build plans, going on the road, or get ready for the meeting.