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Original value "Rats" (Lenormand Oracle)

Lenormand Oracle - Rats - value

Total value:

Loss. Loss. Corruption. Complication. False friends. card Rats warns of damage to property, theft, loss or disappearance. You can steal. In my heart you are not calm and something hurts you. This may be the secret vices of the soul, old karmic debts. Sometimes the card indicates a hidden disease. Next to the favorable cards means that the loss will be.

Next to the adverse cards warns that the damage may be irreparable. Near Cross card says about the threat of big losses, which can be more or single.

Jobs, business affairs:

card Rats portends problems in business, big trouble, heavy financial losses, fraud and theft. Obstacles in cases debts. Unscrupulous partners and hidden enemies.

Health samochustvie:

Unfavorable card in health. It speaks of severe disease, complications, recurrences, irreversible changes in the body. The disease can take a severe and chronic.

It symbolizes illness associated with stomach and digestive system.

Relationships questions about love:

Error. Anxiety. Chances are small deceptions. What is your favorite haunts his small vested interests, neglecting your feelings. card may indicate hidden defects, bad inclinations, your partner's desire to keep the situation under control. Possible impact on your relationship hidden detractors.

personality characteristics:

Man to which this card, patient, smart, shrewd and calculating. Be careful, because it could be a dishonest man. A person is physically something may be lacking, such as hair, or as often described by some temporary flaw that looks different.

We recommend caution, because we are talking about a man whose qualities are similar to the qualities of the thief, and he or she is rarely or not at all is a classic thief. It can be described as a man who aims to take more than it gives.


Do not let any rats crumbs from your table. Be careful.