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Original value "Mountain" (Lenormand Oracle)

Lenormand Oracle - Mountain - value

Total value:

Hurdle. Burden. Call. card Mountain represents an obstacle to the goal.

It can be people or circumstances that prevent to achieve the desired. We need to wait a bit or take a call that fate sends us, and try to get around the obstacle. You must think carefully about every step, you will be able to overcome obstacles and defeat the adverse circumstances. But do not be too self-confident, there is a risk to break.

Jobs, business affairs:

card negatively predicted in the affairs of major problems and insurmountable obstacles. But in an environment of favorable cards may mean that soon the case will go to the mountain.

Health samochustvie:

In matters of health - one of the most negative cards. Does the problem with the treatment, rehabilitation, health deterioration during treatment.

It symbolizes the blood clots, adhesions, blockages. If the next card fell moon - can talk about the problems with childbirth.

Relationships questions about love:

Call. Your young man does not want to smooth out the rough edges of misunderstanding in the way of your relationship were obstacles. He does not want to understand your words and your deeds approve. Now, it is important you take the challenge and try to resolve these difficulties, to get around these obstacles to love. But we should not climb steeply uphill to act rashly and too hurry up, otherwise you can break away and hurt even more. You will succeed only if carefully consider their actions.

personality characteristics:

The man who is difficult to achieve something, someone - someone who has difficulties surrounding them.

Frustrated, disabled person who lacks capacity, and it is loneliness, which is hard to bear, lack of love, disappointment. Can denote self-esteem, self-awareness.

Quality: hard, cold, hard, limited, suspended, lock, unapproachable, shut up, stubbornly, ambitious, hard, frustrating.


Smart in the mountain will not go, intelligent mountain bypass. Do not proceed straight ahead, look for workarounds.