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Original value "Moon" (Lenormand Oracle)

Lenormand Oracle - Moon - value

Total value:

Honor. Glory. Award. Recognition. Intuition. card of the Moon has a double meaning. On the one hand - a thirst to experience the pleasure and the search for adventure. Social recognition, fame, and sometimes - the propensity to gamble. If one observes the traditions, he guaranteed the support and recognition of others. On the other hand - the need to rest, find themselves in feelings and thoughts. Board to retire, to meditate, to look into the past and understand the causes of what is happening. Spiritually - the successful transformation, the transformation of skills and experience. Next to the good cards - reward, recognition, respect others. Next to the poor - lack of recognition of merit, the indifference of others, anxiety and depression.

Jobs, business affairs:

To follow the traditions. Traditional activities. Do not conduct business reorganization, the company does not undertake anything new, to enlist the support of employees. The profit will be small.

Health samochustvie:

Psyche, the soul, the nerves. The tendency to depression, unstable psyche risk of mental illness.

Relationships questions about love:

The recognition, fame and harmony. What is your favorite wants a simple human happiness, relaxation, spend time in your company and enjoy the comfort of a home. He is fully confident in you, they feel comfortable and relaxed, he wants to take care of and nurture you. The changes only for the better.

personality characteristics:

Man soulful, mediumistic, intuitive, emotional, dreamy, whimsical. Strong, sturdy and good body balance, normal growth, more blue or green eyes. Very sensitive and emotional people who suffer from frequent fluctuations state of mind. A great need for harmony, responsive, willing surrounds others their care, well come in the position of another person.

It belongs to a woman between 35 and 65 years of age, mysterious, pensive, sad, melancholy and lonely. It can mean mother, wife, sister, sister-in or mistress. The witch, a wise woman.

Next to the man points to a profound intuition, the ability to premonitions, artistic temperament, aesthetic taste, emotion. card of clairvoyants and mystics. It may also mean the people who seem cold and indifferent, indicate lunatics.


Nothing is eternal under the moon. Take reflections, trust intuition and let the lunar path lead you to the truth.