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Original value "Man" (Lenormand Oracle)

Lenormand Oracle - Man - value

Total value:

The card man asks. When guessing a woman, a man's chart is a partner, husband, lover, father or son. It may mean a friend, partner, person, employee. In any case - it is a very close person. In other cases, the approach is of major life changes. card Man symbolizes the Yang - active, masculine, the will, the power of the spirit. When the two "forms" men and women are far from each other, it means weakening or lack of communication between them.

Jobs, business affairs:

Will. You take responsibility for the business, make decisions, provide overall guidance. Hard man's hand and fortitude gets tough on the course. The man who makes predictions very responsible in dealing with people and takes an active creative position.

Health samochustvie:

The card symbolizes the male reproductive system.

It symbolizes disease - for male sexual problem area for women - hormonal problems with the system.

Relationships questions about love:

Someone I love very responsible in dealing with you and love you but he tries to keep everything under control. Sometimes it means that the relationship held solely through the efforts of men. card may indicate that a relationship starts to interfere with a man's father or opponent.

personality characteristics:

Courageous, active person. This man lived a good life. Stylish. Cultural, elegant surroundings. In most cases - a man with undoubted aristocratic manners. His hobbies, interests are very important to him, he is very active. Do not dare to partnership.


Real men make women happy, others - strong. A man should help the woman to be weak, strong, it can be without him.