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Original value "Lilies" (Lenormand Oracle)

Lenormand Oracle - Lilies - value

Total value:

Virtue. Honor. Election. Holiness. Wisdom. card Lily symbolizes purity, innocence and charm. You are surrounded by good people, real friends. Lily portends a harmonious relationship and virtuous life. The card is always indicate elevated, the desire to dream, an ideal, and finding happiness along the way. The joy of spiritual achievement and success. Sometimes, exaltation. Next to the card asks this card shows the high patronage, strong support. In an environment of bad cards can mean disgrace, conflicts, setbacks, disappointments and troubles.

Jobs, business affairs:

Valor. The noble chivalrous spirit, impeccable honesty. You do your thing and have him extraordinary abilities. Excellent prospects for a successful career, a high social position, and is poised to become a celebrity.

Health samochustvie:

stable condition. Sexual organs, hormones. Can mean the drug in powder form. In medical matters, favorable card and it is possible to predict successful treatment. But sometimes it can warn about the danger of poisoning.

Relationships questions about love:

Romanticism. The enthusiasm of the senses. What is your favorite idealizes and worships you, you dream for him and spiritual love. His sword is at your service and can turn into a sword of justice. You are waiting for deeds of love and beautiful relationship. Platonic love, without animal instincts and dirty desires.

personality characteristics:

This card indicates age. Beautiful, aesthetic, artistic. A man with strong family ties, with a pronounced sense of harmony, adult, or mature people coming, from which emanates calm. With well-mannered, eloquent. Greedy to luxury, pleasure, a strong desire for power, overbearing behavior. Ctremlenie for harmony in life, to cooperate.


Lilies - a symbol of the French kings, go to, if you do not compete with them in valor, but at least it filled with the spirit. Living spirit - valor shines living body - killing prowess.