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Original value "Letter" (Lenormand Oracle)

Lenormand Oracle - Letter - value

Total value:

Official documents. News. Important messages. Letter paper card is official business. The document can be a business letter, a notice, a certificate agenda. The closer to the card of the questioner, the document is important. It may mean the news from afar. It may be an informal message (call, letter, communication via the Internet). The image on the card sealed letter may indicate the information having important secret meaning: a declaration of love, a message of death. Near the good news is good cards close to unfavorable cards bad message.

Jobs, business affairs:

Business papers. card Letter could mean an offer to conclude a contract, agreement or communication of its dissolution. It may be business news, contracts, agreements, reports, certificates, licenses, and other bills.

Health samochustvie:

Neutral card. Very rarely indicates a problem with the functions of the brain, but this is rare in the scenario.

Relationships questions about love:

Important message that applies only to two people. Perhaps love is by correspondence. What is your favorite ready to admit you love or discover the hidden secrets. The value of the cards in relation to the scenario is positive and is associated with love, emotions or events, which are willing to tell you your favorite.

personality characteristics:

Man slender, decisive in terms of feelings and movements are likely active and restless . Eyes are blue (light), hair color from light to brown.

Open, reliable, which decisively goes his own way. Sometimes a little superficial, it may seem frivolous.


If the first line is written crookedly, then the whole letter is not necessary. Carefully fill out documents and write letters.