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Original value "Key" (Lenormand Oracle)

Lenormand Oracle - Key - value

Total value:

Good luck. The correct solution. Exit. New beginnings. The key symbolizes the card features and the development of close resolution of problems, finding the truth. This card is favorable. The key to the opening of the exit from the labyrinth of problems, a good solution, start. Overcoming obstacles encountered, the disappearance of doubt, a new stage of life, full of new challenges. The key question to untangle all the others. The key perfectly and closes and opens so symbolizes the subsequent movement towards new goals. In an environment of negative cards - maybe you went the wrong way and the solution has not been found.

Jobs, business affairs:

New successful project, new opportunities, innovative solutions. A scientific breakthrough, new advanced technology, safety-related control. You will be a breakthrough in science, progress, there is no risk of dismissal.

Health samochustvie:

Good health. The clavicle. The iron content. Trace elements and vitamins. In general, favorable card that says correctly chosen modern methods of treatment using new technologies and speedy recovery. In rare cases may point to the destruction of partitions or walls of the internal organs.

Relationships questions about love:

The success of the partnership. For your loved you dear and beloved man. Emerging problems are easily solved, the relationship to the next level. Denial of stereotypes, emancipation, complete trust and mutual understanding. The development of your novel favorable.

personality characteristics:

treat men with an analytical mind, which penetrates into the depth of things. Strong, even muscular, in any case, not particularly gentle type. Self-confidence and the radiation is an external force.

Hair and eye color varies, so here is a hallmark of greater overall appearance. Kind and intelligent. Very inventive and resourceful, willing to protect their own opinion, and, unfortunately, rarely gives up his beliefs.

heavy enough people who practically do not take someone else's point of view.


Happiness keys in their hands look. If you hold the key, proceed without delay - a sure way to achieve your goals. The solution will be found.