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Original value "Heart" (Lenormand Oracle)

Lenormand Oracle - Heart - value

Total value:

Love. Happiness. Friendship. The harmony of the senses, emotional comfort, new relationships, new love blossoming prevailing feelings and affections. Very good card indicates the satisfaction, joy, friendship, and family happiness. The most lucky card in a spread of love. If the card is located between the card Heart Men and Women, it means "eternal loveĀ».

Jobs, business affairs:

Unexpected help, support, happy circumstances, the prospects for personal growth. Business relationships are based on the likes and dislikes rather than a sober calculation. Decisions are made under the influence of emotions and minute rush.

Health samochustvie:

The heart, blood, blood circulation, blood vessels, arteries and veins, blood flow is also necessary to examine the arteries and veins, if this card is close to Coffin or trees.

It can also mean a sexually transmitted disease.

Relationships questions about love:

Platonic love. Passion. Comfort and harmony in the relationship with her lover. Your favorite right of the strong feelings and true love. He dreams of you, his love of flying to meet you, he wants to be with you and suffer from cardio even brief separation. You are already standing on the threshold of new crazy feelings and cordial relations.

personality characteristics:

Heart man does a lot to other people was good, a lot of give. People with a greater sense of taste, and also for clothing. Strong body, looks healthy and fresh, the card also denotes a person who looks good.

Represents a young man (18 to 35 years), very beautiful, honest, noble, sensitive, but non-permanent and changeable. Outside the classical features. He is full of love, patience, understanding, sympathetic. Utterly loyal, creative, passionate, full of love, gentle heart. Of course also love!


Be reasonable. When love and passion become friends, they are sacrificed and the heart and soul.