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Original value "Garden" (Lenormand Oracle)

Lenormand Oracle - Garden - value

Total value:

The Company. Company kindred spirit. Company. Place for reincarnation. The world of thoughts, feelings and behavior. card Garden holiday symbol, an invitation to joy and fun in good company. Ahead of holidays, happiness and pleasure. Will meet with friends and loved ones can begin a new friendship, a love affair.

Next to the adverse cards warns of bad company, false friendship, excessive vanity, unfounded illusions, eccentricity, false self-satisfaction and self-confidence.

Jobs, business affairs:

Business & dating presentations and receptions. Next to the card questioner means the period of inspiration, creative successes. Following fashion trends, the progressive trends. The partnership activities will have good luck.

Health samochustvie:

Favorable card in matters of health and well-being. For a successful treatment - Card Tips improvement in groups.

If the card is surrounded by the adverse cards - the cause of the disease lies in the shattered nervous system, hysteria.

Relationships questions about love:

Merry company of kindred spirits. Your young man loves you, but your relationships are the perfect union of two equal partners. Your relationship without too deep feelings and passions, you are more concerned with holidays and pleasure. The successful beginning of a love affair - the beginning of a true and sincere love.

personality characteristics:

Garden can designate a place of work of man, his professional activity or anything related to his work. It may also suggest that people should expand their contacts.

The card indicates that people should no longer be facing out. Garden shows how we see and perceive society and how it applies to us. The garden represents our social prestige, affiliation and occupied status. It may also allude to the missing contact, and a false social circle.

Often it emerges from people looking for partnerships. card calls for a period of life in the community and unity with others.


It would be a garden, and nightingales arrive. Holiday blooming garden and further meetings required to meet all your expectations.