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Original value "Fox" (Lenormand Oracle)

Lenormand Oracle - Fox - value

Total value:

trick. Cheating. Intrigue. Intrigue. Seduction and temptation. The evil spirit, evil intentions, lies and evil. card warns of hidden intentions. Fox - known sly and deceitful, so beware. You can cheat and set a trap, possibly without benefit for themselves, and for fun. One must be very careful in conversations, to be secretive and vigilant. Do not need to tell others about their plans.

Jobs, business affairs:

card Fox is good for those whose work is related to trade. Cunning and resourcefulness Fox will realize your most incredible projects.

Health samochustvie:

The card shows hard diagnosed disease, sometimes even medical malpractice. It may also indicate a rise in body temperature.

Relationships questions about love:

Your young man is likely to achieve some of their objectives openly manipulates you. You should keep your mouth shut, do not be too gullible, not to get on these evasions fox. Keep vigilance and caution, the card directly speaks of deception and intrigue.

personality characteristics:

The card indicates the person (man or woman) is very charming, but incorrect and false.


Fox He knows a lot, but the one who catches it, knows more. Love your neighbor, but do not let him into the hype, keep your nose to the wind and ears open