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Original value "Fork" (Lenormand Oracle)

Lenormand Oracle - Fork - value

Total value:

Select. Doubts. Uncertainty. card Fork foreshadows a situation of choice, an important decision. It can refer to a fork in the road of life, the end of the next stage of life, a crossroads between something new or loss own way, hence the doubt and sadness. But to go further still have, the card encourages you to take responsibility and make a decision. When bifurcation of the road, it is important to choose the right direction, to take the initiative. On your decision depends on many things, so do not rush, consider all good. If the next card is unfavorable, then you are going to choose not the best option.

Jobs, business affairs:

There is a possibility of change of work and selection of new ways of development. Take responsibility for a new stage of activity. Do not take an unspecified position when you need to serve your and our.

Health samochustvie:

The uncertainty in the diagnosis, course of illness and treatment depends on the individual physician.

Relationships questions about love

Doubt. Select. What is your favorite you want to define their feelings and make an informed choice. Perhaps we should take a closer look at it, the future of your relationship is covered with mist, and is present in your relationship love triangle. The situation may not reflect your wishes.

personality characteristics:

Fork still talking about what a person a lot of opportunities, and he must decide how to use them.

The person who must make a decision. The man who rarely decided on anything doubter by nature. Refers to a person by nature is very indecisive, who suddenly may be afraid to make a mistake, do not trust your ability, too impulsive.


Make an informed choice at the fork, and good luck. You can not have that and the sheep are safe and wolves are fed.