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Original value "Fishes" (Lenormand Oracle)

Lenormand Oracle - Fishes - value

Total value:

Catch. Wealth. The well-being. Deserved reward. card Fish is a symbol of good luck, prosperity, wealth, riches, both physically and spiritually. Success in all enterprises, the successful completion of initiated cases. If you are using this opportunity to the hopes and plans come true, you get a reward, all of which want and more. Fish symbol of water, life, fertility, health, wealth, material wealth. Next to the bad cards warns that your plans are utopian, or you do not trust the people.

Jobs, Business, business:

This card catch prey. Human labor is not in vain, he has something to share with others. card Fish portends favorable development of any cases, profits, good investment.

Health samochustvie:

Mochevoy bladder or kidneys. Mental illness. recommended water treatments, rest by the water, optimism for recovery, but it may be the likelihood of alcoholism.

Relationships questions about love:

Catch. Success. Your lover treats as a reward relationship with you and loves you more than you think. You are dear to him, his deep feelings. With it, you feel like a fish in water. But it is not excluded and material calculation, and increased attention to the physical benefits.

personality characteristics:

People: slim, strong, attach great importance to formal and well-groomed appearance. Aesthetic appearance, confident, swaggering gait and behavior. Fish, extremely self-confident people willing to push yourself to the forefront, as well as very active and love to travel. Due to the lack of concentration rarely one of them can focus on any subject and most do not lead to the end of certain things. Do not allow yourself to rule over others. Elusive, sensitive, dreamy, sensitive, imaginative, sympathetic, generous, open, sincere, strong, charming, adventurous. The card has to do with practical people, tied to work smart and constructive. Temperament, big plans, organizational skills.


The big water and big fish. Build grandiose plans, use the opportunity, catch exceed your expectations.