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Original value "Cross" (Lenormand Oracle)

Lenormand Oracle - Cross - value

Total value:

Suffering. Test. card Cross appears to make it clear that this life lesson must pass, no matter how he was heavy. The cross is a complex set of responsibilities and values. You face the ordeal. Bad card, meaning: everyone has his own cross, his own misfortune or problem, the sad fate that has already arisen or through which yet to pass. Does adversity, suffering and deprivation that we tolerate in the name of higher goals. Severe pain and plight, which will have to accept or receive a call. card karma. Purification through the pain.

Jobs, business affairs:

In business, this card does not bode well. Things will go bad, you will incur large losses and loss. Attempts to revive the old case will not help, it is easier to burn all bridges and start all over again.

Health samochuvtvie:

Health: intervertebral cartilage, back, arms, shoulders, cervical spine. Health in general flawed state. Severe illness, serious complications can be disabled. This card indicates the chronic diseases that are difficult to treat.

The cross is a sign that the disease may be a kind of redemption of past mistakes. Hereditary genetic disease. Illness as a chance to engage in self-analysis.

Relationships questions about love:

Test the strength of love. Perhaps the misunderstanding, coldness and resentment of your young man. The probability that he will make efforts to normalize relations, still exists. You must joint efforts to try to solve your problems or perceive your way as he has.

personality characteristics:

People: Most adults slender. She looks shy, fearful, distracted. Discreet style clothes, hiding eyes. Brown eyes. Man pleasant tranquility, quite discreet in nature; rather conservative, purposeful, diligent, trustworthy, loyal. Sad, Sad man for whom life is as heavy as a cross to bear. The person who always sees only the negative side even in the happy moments of life. Doldrums.


If difficulties and gravity is not perceived as punishment, but to look for new solutions, it will not be so hard. Worthy carry his cross and firmly put the point.