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Original value "Coffin" (Lenormand Oracle)

Lenormand Oracle - Coffin - value

Total value:

Transformation. Change. End. The transformation of consciousness, retreat, change in the situation. Unfavorable card. Does malaise, illness, death, crisis or other serious problems in the foreseeable future and warns of the need to take measures to prevent them. Mark a turning point in life, a new stage of development, the acquisition of new vital ideas, denial of old in the name of the new. Changes to be experienced as a new ordeal. The closer the card to the card asking, the more serious problem. The nature of the tests will tell next cards.

Jobs, business affairs:

In financial matters - losses, unnecessary purchases, an unfortunate investment.

Failure to conduct business affairs, a hopeless task. This card may indicate that your company or business gets tough, recessionary times.

Health samochustvie:

It is unfortunate card with respect to matters of health. He speaks about the serious deterioration of health until his death. card advised not to self-medicate, and trust experienced professionals.

Relationships questions about love:

The card shows a serious quarrel or disagreements that lead to the breakdown of relationships. It is necessary to make a great effort both on your part and on the part of the partner, to normalize the situation.

The situation will change dramatically, the relationship is transformed into something new. The time has come for the sake of denying the old new.

personality characteristics:

The man who shows this card, sad, exhausted and depressed.


There is a blessing in disguise. Bury this thing or that relationship. Open to new.