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Original value "Clover" (Lenormand Oracle)

Lenormand Oracle - Clover - value

Total value:

The happiness, hope, anticipation.

Positive card indicating the justified expectations, termination problems, good luck in all your endeavors and all walks of life. Also, if this card is the card near the questioner refers to, that his dream will come true.

In conjunction with the adverse cards - has the opposite value.

Jobs, business affairs:

Maybe not a big profit, success in your endeavors. It may also symbolize the agricultural business, work with plants.

Health samochustvie:

card mitigate the negative value of cards in health and well-being. Sometimes, the card gives advice to resort to herbal medicine or herbal medications.

Relationships questions about love:

In matters of love - card indicates that your partner really loves you and looks forward to the development of relations. Maybe you are interested in a man trying to win your attention or location. Be sure, this man wants to be with you.

personality characteristics:

A simple man, without pathos and image. perhaps a farm worker or a person related to agriculture.


card advises meet more people, be simpler and more open to others. In return, you get a sincere attitude and new friends.