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Original value "Clouds" (Lenormand Oracle)

Lenormand Oracle - Clouds - value

Total value:

Pending trouble. Crisis. Clouds symbolize the temporary obstacles and delays. Gloomy thoughts, doubts, weakness, malaise, a difficult time. Tense atmosphere and foreboding storm when the smallest reason enough (spark) to a storm, a quarrel or scandal. However, the rain washes away all the dirt. Future events will help to wash off all unnecessary, superficial, unnatural and start a new phase in his life. Clouds are the light and dark sides. This makes them a symbol of mental volatility. Its adverse effects are spreading clouds at stake, the neighborhood with their dark side. If the bright side of the clouds turned to the card asks a good omen.

Jobs, business affairs:

There is a risk of losing money or position for reasons beyond your reasons. It can be as force majeure. and the betrayal of the partners.

Health samochustvie:

card can warn of the possibility of a protracted illness. The card itself symbolizes the problems with blood vessels, blood clots.

Relationships questions about love:

came a time when feelings are tested for durability. The situation is not the best way for you: misunderstandings, lies, unpleasant situations - forced you into a serious discussion with a partner. Be honest with yourself, do not be deceived in the hope illusion - look at the situation is not clouded eyes.

personality characteristics:

A man is not sincere, deceitful and possibly even dangerous. Be careful with it, you will never know his true plans and intentions.


In the sky there are clouds and clouds, and a man sorrows and happiness. Everything will pass. Wait for sunny days.