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Original value "Broom" (Lenormand Oracle)

Lenormand Oracle - Broom - value

Total value:

The rift. Quarrel. Discord. Punishment. The conflict and disharmony within the family, the dispute between fathers and children. Discord among the like-minded, lack of friends, mutual understanding with others. The controversy between good and evil, uneasy conscience, unreliable friendship or marriage, unhappy love. Did life change as a punishment, a new life.

Jobs, business affairs:

The quarrel former colleagues, business partners. Sometimes it can talk about major conflicts with his superiors - a new broom. In fact it is - cleaning series, breaking the old agreements, downsizing, job changes, operating conditions.

Health samochustvie:

The adverse health card - a rapid and dangerous course of the disease.

It symbolizes the disorder of the nervous system, psychiatric diseases, excretory system.

Relationships questions about love:

The quarrel, misunderstanding, serious family conflict threaten your future relationships. Currently favorite angry at you. It is necessary to smooth things over, take the first step forward, otherwise the result will be disastrous.

personality characteristics:

Man submitted this card, short-tempered and quarrelsome, may suffer psychological or mental disorders, aggressive, authoritarian, cruel and deceitful vindictive.


Each to his broom sweeps clean. Pick up a broom, put things in order, get rid of all the excess.