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Original value "Bouquet" (Lenormand Oracle)

Lenormand Oracle - Bouquet - value

Total value:

Good luck. The feeling of happiness. Pleasant society. Warning, a gift from a partner with meaning. Bouquet of Flowers symbolizes happiness, delight and pleasure. The triumph in all things, luck, love, friendship. The card is good, especially for women. In general, smooth flow of cases, success and good mood. Bouquet - a symbol of beauty and harmony, generosity and passion. Bouquet reduces adverse influence of neighboring cards. You're under a lucky star.

Jobs, business affairs:

for a successful business. Sponsorship. Profits increased revenue. Very favorable conditions for business.

Health samochustvie:

Well-being, if a person is sick at the moment - a speedy recovery. Indicates the effectiveness of herbal medicine and treatment with herbs.

Relationships questions about love:

Cross card! Pleasant surprises and success in affairs of the heart. From the side of your beloved is a lot of love and attention. Perhaps the development of relations after a new impetus, reconciliation and new beginning.

personality characteristics:

As a person, offers a more mature woman who is generally without a partner.


Provide tokens. Bouquet as a symbol of love, which is not always the most important rules. Naladte contact.