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Original value "Book" (Lenormand Oracle)

Lenormand Oracle - Book - value

Total value:

Teaching. Mystery. The secret. card book symbolizes the process of teaching, learning and education. It may indicate the imminent opening of the information secret, puzzles, mysteries that hide from you. Mysterious, pleasant memories, useful meeting with the past. That book is displayed on the card closed, says unrealized possibilities of the need to explore something new, the importance of education. If the card book card away from the questioner, then there is nothing important. Next to the card tree portends that the secret will not be revealed.

Jobs, business affairs:

The card book is the need to study the problem in-depth insights into the business, training and continuing education.

Health samochustvie:

Diseases - Mental and psychological problems. The head, the brain.

With regard to health issues this card can be called bad. It warns of the hidden forms of the disease, difficulties in accurate diagnosis. Sometimes it refers to vision problems.

Relationships questions about love:

Mystery. What is your favorite very private and discreet, sophisticated and vicious people. Be attentive to him and try to see his inner wealth of external coldness. A deep sense of your young person guarantee a wonderful future for your relationship. He loves you and appreciates, despite the minimal expression of feelings and emotions.

personality characteristics:

The card refers to a person attractive, passionate, intelligent, thoughtful, troubled, melancholic, closed and mysterious. Elegant, reserved man with a mysterious look, the figure of a slim, normal to severe. These people have some kind of mystery, a mystery.

private person, difficult, reluctant to talk about themselves and others. The book points to a very closed but also well-read, curious people. They are always hiding everything inside them, and rarely open to others. Of them can say: "still waters run deep." Hair in most cases, from light to brown.

The man who somehow busy with books, documents or facts, professionally or privately, such as the author, or the person is constantly reading, bookseller, bookseller, an accountant, an archivist and etc .

The man who hides behind the external facade, it is not possible to probe, no one knows his expectations or his desires. This man is waiting to be solved, also means people who crave knowledge.


It is known that love of books - love of wisdom. Open the book, equipped with knowledge and take the opportunity to.