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Original value "Bear" (Lenormand Oracle)

Lenormand Oracle - Bear - value

Total value:

Future. Power. Glory. Greatness. Guru, the Guardian Angel, the stronghold of truth. This card indicates the strength of spirit, facing the service of higher goals. Usually Card Bear portends good luck and strong patron. Surrounded by unfavorable cards can mean insidious pretense, caused by jealousy and suspicion. card Bear warns to be careful with potential rivals, others may deceive you.

Jobs, business affairs:

Durable and serious business. The presence of strong and influential partners or backers. Near the adverse cards can talk about wanting to hurt others based on personal animosity or jealousy. The enemy is crafty, but in good time can strike. Be secretive, do not trust others plans.

Health samochustvie:

card shows the power and endurance of the body, good immunity and good health. A speedy recovery for the ailing.

Relationships questions about love:

Ward, protection and care. You can be sure of his loyalty, love and security. What is your favorite in every way you will be protected, humor, indulge your desires and take care of you.

personality characteristics:

Since the card can be human father or mother is dependent, who is more supreme. Grandpa.

The card is well-built man, a male aged between 40 and 70 years, an analytical mind, laconic, outwardly cool but kind-hearted soul, honest and protected.


Bear is strong, but it on a chain drive. Enlist influential person.